"You must continuously move forward… When I am gone.  Will you carry on?   Will time forget
your name… as it has mine?  Only you know what to do…  As time will not wait for me or you…
There is only the dream… of a better tomorrow,  lived today.  Only we together can make it happen,  one moment at a time.  I can only pray that you will choose to carry on the work I am doing here right now.
My dear brothers and sisters of life… I see the spark of life within you that is also in me,  carry on… 
God’s spirit is with you,  and forever so will my spirit be with you
 and the Great Spirits Love will flow freely through you into the world of mankind.
United together as One “we are” the co-founders of…

the Dawn of the Era of Enlightenment"

Tony Grey'Owl 
from "The Book of Absolute Truth"
chapter 4