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Consultant Services

The National Industrial Hemp Coalition has reliable partners and competent advisors covering  all aspects from cultivation to harvest to end product production.                       With more than 100 combined years of  "Boots in the Dirt" experience in the hemp industry, the IHC is available to assist and mentor.  We partner our members with experienced  hemp industry relationships in all matters from starting your
hemp business,  product range expansion,
product placement,  market research,  and customer analysis.

Extraction Services

Here at the National Industrial Hemp Coalition, we strive to find solutions to deliver excellence with farmers and customers. The extraction system we use are based on two levels. The Ethanol extraction method is primarily for CBD potency that would be 9% and lower. This allows for large capacity for conventional fields that have tolerance with heavy                        metal or pesticides.  This extraction is more on a large scale and based                                       on non-consumable products.  

The CO2 method of extraction is designed from the IES system to handle small high-quality volumes of cannabinoid at 10% or higher. This allows us to focus on organic fields and indoor grow operations for consumable products. Overall we like to keep our extraction process divided by extracting at different sites across the US for better quality and control. Our sites we network with are located in several different regions across America to accommodate farmers' needs. Prices are based upon current market value at that time.  

Lab Testing

Custom Services Provided by Ionization Labs

The Preferred Lab and Laboratory Software Services of the National IHC