Greetings from the National Industrial Hemp Coalition Founding Members

We are experienced Farmers, Producers, Researchers, Educators and Ag Experts that have joined forces to bring the Hemp Industry and the knowledge of it's potential  to the American Farmer.  We have partnerships with Hemp farms producing Fiber, Grain and Flower that are located in several states.   We have formed this Hemp Coalition to allow it's members not only purchasing and selling power but also the chance to buy into the Extraction and Processing Facilities that we will be establishing.

The IHC can help you develop your strategic objectives all the way to successful implementation.  Whether you are new to the hemp community or just want to enhance your existing product range.  National IHC has an amazing support channel that offers assistance in everything from permit application for cultivating, handling and processing, through Growth and Harvest to  White Labeling and Shelf Placement.

Brandon Dessart

National IHC Chief of Operations   Oregon State Director

Owner: Tip of the Triangle Farms 

Shawnda Clawson

National IHC Executive Director   Texas State Director

CEO: Earth Mother Studio
Research Institute

James Beam

 National IHC Equipment Lead   Texas IHC Site Ops

Owner: Beam Distribution

Kat Resendez

National IHC Education Consult. Texas IHC Special Events

         BOD: Earth Mother Studio          

Ken Worth

Pulls it's Own Weight / Leaps Tall Buildings in a Single Bound 

A Shy Short of Superman

Stephen Alvarado

        National IHC Trans. Lead    Texas IHC Logistics

           BOD: Earth Mother Studio  

Joe Tabor

      National IHC Farm Consultant      VP of Farming - Central Texas

Owner: Tabor Farms

Jared Elliott

InterNational IHC Consultant    Oklahoma Regional Director

Owner: Persephone Cannabis

Adrian Garcia

         National IHC USDA Consultant            Texas Advisory Council

Owner: AG Farms

Matt Karlsruher

National IHC Advisory Council   Hemp Crop Insurance Consultant  

Agent: USI Insurance Services

Jared Sherman

        National IHC Consultant              Texas Advisory Council    

Owner: Mellow Moose Farms

William Dawson

National IHC  Financial Consultant
Texas Advisory Council

Creator: Echoes From the Alley

Canna Rock Star

National IHC Marketing     

Owner: IHC

Cree Crawford

National IHC Business Development   National IHC Advisory Council

President: Ionization Labs

Chenita Elliott

National IHC Product Lines
Virginia State Director

Owner: Red Door Services

Zac Reddy

National IHC Lead Geneticist
Florida State Director

Owner: Hemp Atomics

Justin Trowbridge

                  National IHC Analytics                    New Mexico State Director

Co-Creator: Hemp Batch Tracker

Canna Rock Star

 National IHC 

Owner: IHC

Shannon Culley

    National IHC Product Lines   Connecticut State Director

CEO: Cultivation Bureau

Wendy Mendenhall

         National IHC Product Lines           Utah State Director

Owner: Urban Hemp and Cannabis

Canna Rock Star

 National IHC  

Owner: IHC

Canna Rock Star

          National IHC Fiber Council           

Owner: IHC

Canna Rock Star

National IHC Advisory Council    

Owner: IHC

Todd Box

       National IHC Fiber Council        VP Farming North TxIHC

Owner - Box Farms

Matt Daniel

    National IHC Building Programs    Arizona State Director

Owner - Daniel  Design

Stephanie Beno

       National IHC Patients Rights         Oklahoma Regional Director

Owner - Persephone Cannabis

Canna Rock Star

National IHC Advisory Council   

Owner - IHC

Leigh Ann Bryson

National IHC Policy & Procedure Oklahoma State Consultant

CEO -  Red Dirt 420

Frank Nelson

    National IHC Product Develop.        East TxIHC Regional Director  

Owner - Alleviated Mechanics

Kathy Sue Wrenn

       National IHC Secretary      Oklahoma State Director

Owner - Hemp, Heart and Home

Canna Rock Star

 National IHC

Owner - IHC

Lisa J. Wolf

National IHC Product Lines    Nevada State Director

CEO - HOME Now Hemp Garden

Lauren Romero

                National IHC Media                 Ohio State Director

CEO - Flower Power Media

Amanda Daughtry

National IHC Products     California State Director

Owner - Daughtry Distribution

CAnna Rock Star

        National IHC Fiber Council          

Owner - IHC

Shelly Williams

National IHC Advisory Council    Oregon Consultant

Owner -  Thyme Traveler

Canna Rock Star

 National IHC 

 Owner: IHC

Chris Pattillo

National IHC Advisory Council     Oklahoma Regional Director

Owner - Pattillo Distribution

Drew Kitt

National IHC Advisory Council    North Carolina State Director

Owner - Two Moons CBD

Karen Fromel

      National IHC Events Chair     Texas Advisory Council

Creator - Texas Hemp Awards

Canna Rock Star

   National IHC Advisory Council    

Owner: IHC

Dave Burkey

National IHC Energy Consultant    Central TxIHC Regional Director

Owner - IHemp USA

Dustin Krajewski

National IHC Advisory Council    Nebraska State Director

Owner - NE-CO Farms

Connie Williams

National IHC Advisory Council   Texas P.R. Director

Owner - Sage Books

Canna Rock Star

  National IHC Advisory Council        

Creator- IHC

Canna Rock Star

         National IHC 

Owner - IHC

Richard G. Kiyah-Boughton

National IHC Advisory Council    Hawaii State Director

Owner - Green Goddess Organics

Scott Trotter

National IHC Advisory Council  Missouri State Director

Green Orchard Labs

Nathan Murphy

  National IHC Advisory Council       Texas R & D Analytics

Business Development-HempLiance

Keg Lamm

      National IHC Advisory Council      VP Farming West TxIHC

Owner - Lam Farms

Joe Brown

National IHC Advisory Council    Michigan State Director

Owner - Brown Farmacy

Canna Rock Star

National IHC Advisory Council  

Owner - IHC

Jeremy Escobar

  National IHC Natural Building      California Product Distribution

Owner - Escobar Distribution

Steve Edmonds

      National IHC R & D Lead    Florida Consultant

CEO - Hemp4Water

Canna Rock Star

                   National IHC    
Creator - IHC

Canna Rock Star

    National IHC

Owner - 

                               The IHC State Directors - Lead Consultants - Regional Managers                                                Our National Chapter Network


         Jennifer Boozer - Alabama State Director

         Canna Rock Star - Alabama Lead Consultant

        Canna Rock Star - Alabama Regional Manager

         Jennifer Boozer - Alabama State Director

         Canna Rock Star - Alabama Lead Consultant

        Canna Rock Star - Alabama Regional Manager

                                                        The InterNational Hemp and Cannabis Coalition                                                         Our Global Outreach Program

Jared Elliott

        IHCC Executive Director              Texas State Director

CEO- Terra Biotics

David Kam

         IHCC Advisory Council          Lead Consultant- Nevada

Creator- Earth Dollar/LiveHOPE Co.Creator - World Hemp Alliance

Zacha Medina

              IHCC Products Lines                Puerto Rico Executive Director
Owner - Zacha Creations

Stephen Cutter

InterNational HCC Advisory    Puerto Rico Consultant

Co.Creator - World Hemp Alliance

Sam Ocean

                   IHCC Special Events                   Costa Rica Executive Director

Creator - Tiny Ocean

Alanna Bliss

             IHCC Advisory Council            IHC /  IHCC Lead Permaculture Consultant

Creator -   Mother's Mastermind


                                IHCC                                               Natural Building Lead                      Canadian Executive Director
Owner - Di Vita Blocks


          IHCC Advisory Council             African Nations     Executive Director

Owner -